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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Princess Pants and A Diet Coke

So a few weeks ago I was brunching with some friends on the Upper West Side when I saw my caller ID light up with my sister's name. She only calls if its important so I excused myself from the group and picked up the call.

It was S on my sis's phone:


me: "Hey s!!!! whats up? Wheres your mom?"

S: "Oh she's watching a movie I just wanted to say HIIII!"

me: "Hi sweetie- what are you up to today?"

S: "I'm wearing my favourite princess pants and drinking a diet coke!:

me: "Sounds like a great Sunday actually- what is your mom watching?"

S; "A Moooovvvvie- youre in it- she says its not you but it is!!!"

(5 min later)

my sis: "hey S hijacked my phone she wanted to talk to you"

me: "haha I loved it- what movie are you watching????"

my sis "Burlesque"

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